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Many readers ask, “Hey, Rotting Post Guy…”  (or just “Hey, Rotface…” if we are already friends), “How do you plan to make any money with this blog thing if access is free and you’re not even advertising anything?”   Well, the answer’s simple:  Volume.

That’s why we are now offering special “Gold Member” status to our followers who subscribe, re-post us to Facebook, Tweet us, or stand on a street corner with a megaphone shouting, “Read The Rotting Post, Ye Sinners!”

Gold Member Status affords you the following very special privileges:

  1. You will have Gold Member Status
  1. You will be superior in every way to other members, upon whom you will rightfully look down with derision and disgust.
  1. Your comments will be guaranteed to be “liked” whether we really like them or not
  1. Your name will be inscribed on a special Wall of Virtuous Individuals at our Rotting Post World Headquarters…

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